We distribute to all the main stores with complete presence on 5 continents and we are always willing to see and hear about new clients.

Dancephonic will deliver your content worldwide to the major online stores and digital services on a no-fee basis. We will never charge you to encode, upload and (or) deliver your music, instead we work solely on a 20% distribution commission.

Distribution Features:

- Distribution deals from as 10%, 20%, 30%.
- No setup fees.
- Exclusive release date on Beatport and more.
- Daily sales statistic.
- Your music under your label on all stores.
- Create new albums from your catalogue.
- Transparent and detailed financial reporting.
- Beatport, Traxsource approval help.
- Free deliveries, updates and takedowns.

We do not charge for the following services:

- Sign Up and setup your account: Free
- Add your label(s) to shops: Free
- Add ISRC code: Free
- Add EAN/UPC code: Free
- Encode / Delivery (Audio): Free
- Encode / Delivery (Video): Free
- Take Down: Free
- Edit and re-deliver: Free

Dancephonic Worldwide delivery (delivers) to more than 150 digital stores and services, including all the leading ones from iTunes to Amazon, Spotify to Beatport, eMusic to Shazam, Rdio to Deezer.


Your First Label (YFL Service)

We offer this service to help artists create their very own record label.

For only USD$200 you will receive all of the items listed below. We will give you information unique to your label (so that it is) handled properly for you.

The Technical Information and didactics will deliver to you has many items among which are:

Legal Terms
Intellectual Property and Copyrights
Payments & Royalty
Marketing and Promotion
Audio Formats
Form and Style Guide
Intellectual property
Promote Your Music (For Your Artists)



You have created the best track of the history, but do not like how it sounds?

Our mastering service is created to solve problems of sound quality, for a small fee per track we will raise the quality of your music with the work of our sound engineers in charge of you´re projects.

Get Your Music
Send us your files via Filemail (
These files will be downloaded directly from our engineer.
Start working on your file after confirm the payment.
You must pay first in order for us to work on your file.

Minimum Tracks & Work Order

The minimum tracks for mastering service are 6 Tracks.
For single tracks or less than 6 tracks we offer services for a payment of USD$ 15.00 made by paypal.

Mastering Fee

• Single Tracks $ 15.00 Per Track
• 6 to 10 Tracks $ 13.00 Per Track
• 11 and more Tracks $ 10.00 Per Track