Music Player Promotion

Promote your music in the most efficient way. Get your music known and recognised thanks to our tools specially thought to answer artists' needs.

Promote your music everywhere

Promotion and marketing are an essential part of the music business; it can be the difference between a successful record and "just another track in a music store".
In addition to providing our labels with the best digital music distribution solutions, we also offer promotional services, supported by our network of selected partners and agencies.
Often send hundreds of emails is annoying for receiving and also is ineffective, we offer promotion everywhere (Web, blog, facebook, twitter, Google+ and more ...) with our Promotion Music Player ...

Promote Your Music

You can export your Music player on your different pages (website, blog, facebook, Twitter etc.) and personalize it:

- Choose its color and the background picture, add your biography, your pictures, your news and your videos.

- Optimize your sales thanks to direct links to music stores.

- Get emails of your fans and enlarge your fanbase.

Reach to your fans

Reach your fans with what you want to show. Select the stores you want to show in your music player to your fans to buy your music. Increases DJ interactions with your fans. The music player is a free and complete tool with which you'll be able to do your own promotion on the internet and optimize your sales.

Share your player on social media

Our music player is enabled for almost all social networks, websites and blog and review which was the extent of his music, what stores your fans headed and which social network had more activity.

Design and customize to your liking

Place the color or background image that you want and selects an entire track or only a part to play. Configure the Player on the upper part of the page, and once you’re done, copy the html code displayed above the player and paste into your web, blog or social network.

Try our music player with this demo online

Place a Music Player like this (below) into your Web, Blog, Social network and includes links to main music stores (can display full tracks or just preview)